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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Open Letter to Joan Ryan MP – Chair of Labour Friends of Israel

Letter to Joan Ryan MP

 To:    Joan Ryan MP
Chair, Labour Friends of Israel
          House of Commons
          London SW1A 0AA
Thursday, 25 August 2016
Dear Ms Ryan,
As the only Jewish member of the Labour Party to have been suspended for ‘anti-Semitism’, I note with interest the open letter which you recently wrote to Richard Burgon MP regarding his comments that Labour MPs should quit Labour Friends of Israel and that Zionism is the enemy of peace. 
You suggested that the comments were so far outside the boundaries of what passes for acceptable political debate in the salons and interview rooms of Westminster, that they must have been misreported.  I think we can assume that this is merely a literary device on your part.  If you had any doubts that the above comments were genuine, you would have written a private not public letter.   
I shall not indulge in fake politeness on a subject which involves the racial subjugation and immiseration of millions of human beings.  When one and a half million Palestinians in Gaza are forced to live through a decade long siege, when people die because basic medicines cannot be imported and when they are forced to drink polluted water, 95% of Gaza’s water is polluted as a result of Israel’s water theft and bombing of water purification plants, then one should not engage in semantics.  Keeping Palestinians thirsty is no doubt part of Israel’s war on ‘terrorism’.
You profess outrage that anyone could suggest not wanting to associate with LFI.  You must be aware that in 1982 large numbers of MPs, Tony Benn and Eric Heffer among them, resigned from LFI because of its support for Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, when some 20,000 civilians were killed and 100,000 injured. 
During the invasion of Lebanon, Israeli soldiers besieged Beirut in alliance with their fascist friends the Phalange (named in honour of Franco’s Falange).  Israel’s army lit up the night sky with flares and sent Phalangist death squads, armed with knives, to perpetrate an ISIS style slaughter of the inhabitants of the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps.  Some 2,000 women, children and old people were slaughtered, women had their breasts cut off and young boys were castrated. 
Despite this atrocity, Israel’s then Defence Minister, Ariel Sharon went on to become Israel’s Prime Minister between 2001 and 2006.  Your friends in the Israeli Labour Party formed a coalition with Sharon, the ILP ‘s current leader, Yitzhak Herzog, serving as Minister of Housing and Construction.
You profess to be surprised that Richard described Zionism as an ‘enemy of peace’.  You even advise him to take note of Shami Chakrabarti’s advice to use the term ‘“Zionist” advisedly, carefully and never euphemistically.’  I am happy to follow her advice.  I can assure you I would never use Zionism ‘euphemistically’ given it is one of the most pernicious racial movements in colonial history.    
The Zionist movement was formally established in 1897 by Theodor Herzl, at the first World Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland.  As you probably do not know, it was originally scheduled to be held in Munich, Germany but the local Jewish community objected because Zionism was seen as a form of Jewish anti-Semitism.  Zionism reflected the anti-Semitic belief that Jews did not belong in the countries of their birth.
Zionism’s aim was the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine in alliance with a colonial power.  In 1917 it formed just such an alliance with British imperialism, in what became known as the Balfour Declaration.  Like many colonial movements it campaigned on the slogan of ‘a land without a people for a people without a land.’  The native Palestinians were invisible in the eyes of the Zionists.
You claim that Zionism is ‘the broad ideological movement for Jewish national self-determination in Israel.’  Perhaps you would enlighten me as to when Zionism was first described as a ‘national liberation movement’?  It appears you are attempting to bask in the reflected glory of liberation movements such as the African National Congress.  Incidentally, the notion that Jews form a separate nation is, in itself, deeply anti-Semitic and basis of the world Jewish conspiracy theory.
Zionism was a movement of settler colonialism.  That was why Israel was the best friend of Apartheid South Africa, breaking the arms embargo and supplying it with weaponry including nuclear weapons.  Perhaps you were not told about the visit of John Vorster, South African Prime Minister to Israel in April 1976?  Vorster, who was interned during the war for his support of the Nazis and membership of the Broederband, nonetheless paid homage to the Holocaust dead at Yad Vashem!
Israel is the state that helped train the death squads of Central America, supplied the Argentinian Junta with weaponry (despite murdering up to 3,000 Argentinian Jews) and armed and trained the Guatemalan army which in the 1980’s murdered up to 200,000 Indians.  Your suggestion that Zionism shares anything in common with the ANC is obscene.
The aforementioned Theodor Herzl wrote to Cecil Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia, asking for his support for Zionism.  Herzl wrote ‘How, then, do I happen to turn to you since this is an out-of-the-way matter for you?  How indeed?  Because it is something colonial.’  This can be found in Herzl’s Diaries, Vol. 4, page 1194.  The founders of Zionism always saw it as a colonising movement.
You are right.  Zionism was indeed a consequence of European anti-Semitism, in the 19th (not 20th) century.  It was unique amongst Jewish movements since it accepted the basic premise of the anti-Semites that Jews were aliens in the lands in which they lived and were born.
You said that it is a great pity that ‘the Labour Party’s relationship with the British Jewish community has been so damaged by the events of the past year.’  I agree.  The deliberate making of false claims of ‘anti-Semitism’ by MPs such as Ruth Smeeth and papers such as the Daily Mail, which in the 30’s opposed the entry of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, has indeed been damaging.  I can only hope that you use your influence to bring these false accusations of anti-Semitism to an end.
You profess to support a two-state solution.  Why then do you support the military dictatorship in the West Bank and the unremitting attacks on Gaza?  Your call for a 2 State solution serves only as a cover for Apartheid.  It enables Jewish settlement to take place whilst providing a pretext for the denial of any political or civil rights to the indigenous Palestinians.
Perhaps you could name even one Israeli government Minister who believes in a 2 state solution?  Deputy Foreign Minister Tsipi Hotoveli is typical when she said that ‘This land is ours. All of it is ours. We expect as a matter of principle of the international community to recognize Israel’s right to build homes for Jews in their homeland, everywhere.”

Even the ILP does not support a 2 state solution.  It supports segregation and a Bantustan.   Herzog explained that ‘I want to separate from the Palestinians. I want to keep a Jewish state with a Jewish majority. I don’t want 61 Palestinian MKs in Israel’s Knesset. I don’t want a Palestinian prime minister in Israel.’  If you don’t understand why this is racist imagine someone saying they didn’t want a Jewish Prime Minister in Britain. [Who needs the Right when we have Isaac Herzog?]

In an ILP election video Herzog was described as ‘someone who “understands the Arab mentality” and “has seen Arabs in all kinds of situations,” including “in the crosshairs.”  Why did we forget about Herzog's anti-Arab campaign? +972 Magazine 23.3.15.  Again imagine someone describing the ‘Jewish mentality’.  Racist?  Historically the Israeli Labour Party was more racist than Likud.  It was the party of the Nakba, the expulsion of ¾ million Palestinian refugees.
You state that you support a negotiated settlement in Israel/Palestine.  Israel has spent billions of dollars on building its settlements and stealing its land and water.  It’s not going to negotiate them away.  As Martin Luther King famously wrote in Letter From a Birmingham JailLamentably, it is an historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily.
You say you support peace.  Perhaps you could tell me if you have ever opposed Israeli repression in the Occupied Territories?  You supported the 2014 war in Gaza which killed 550 children.  You have kept silent about the continued destruction of Palestinian homes and European Union funded structures, over 600 of which have been destroyed this year alone, in the West Bank.  Have you nothing to say about Jewish roads and separate entrances for Jews and Palestinians at checkpoints?  What I do know is that Louise Ellman, an LFI officer, supported the imprisonment and torture of Palestinian children as young as 12 in a recent debate in the House of Commons.
Your complaints about Hamas’s Charter, which is a dead letter, would be more impressive if it wasn’t for the fact that Israel played a crucial part in the creation of Hamas as a counterweight to secular Palestinian nationalism.  [see Israel’s Jerusalem Online News Agency for Wikileaks revelations or the Wall Street Journal How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas]
I would be more impressed by your concern about anti-Semitism if you displayed an equal concern about the most recent survey by Pew Research Centre which found that a plurality of Israeli Jews (48%) support the physical expulsion of Israeli Palestinians and 79% believe that Jews should be given preferential treatment. [Israel’s Religiously Divided Society]
You will be pleased to hear that I agree with you that ‘fostering links with, and supporting, progressive forces in Israel is an important task for an internationalist party’.  However the ILP is not such an organisation.  There are such organisations, like the soldiers group Breaking the Silence, which has revealed the truth about Israeli military atrocities but the ILP is hostile to it.
I hope you will now understand why increasing numbers of Jews oppose Zionism and why we join Archbishop Desmond Tutu in supporting a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.  Boycotting Apartheid is never anti-Semitic nor racist.
Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein

Why Zionism is a murderous, expansionist and racist settler colonial movement

Joan Ryan MP, formerly a junior Home Office Minister under Blair/Brown, is a pretty non-descript right-winger, with no obvious talent other than to claim vast sums of money as expenses.  She was one of those caught out changing her second homes designation as she attempted to get the tax payer to buy her another house whilst paying for repairs on her main accommodation.  As such she was an excellent choice as Chair of Labour Friends of Israel - no principles and no morals.

On 8th August Richard Burgon MP, who is one of the best Labour MPs there is, a strong supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, made the unremarkable statement that Zionism is an ‘enemy of peace’.  Yes, I hear you say, so what?  You might be forgiven for thinking that Burgon had informed people that the Earth is round or that 1+1=2. 
As befits a Zionist, Ryan nominated Liz Kendall last time around and Owen Smith this time - hostility to Corbyn goes with the grain

Any objective view of Israel, which has just bombarded the utterly defenceless people of Gaza with 50 rocket strikes in response to the launching of a firecracker, could not help but conclude that Richard Burgon was simply making a statement of the obvious.  Not so Joan Ryan.
Ryan and her Zionist friends decided to try and rewrite history - not this time about the Nakba (Catastrophe) of the expulsion of the Palestinian refugees in 1948 but Ryan's own Catastrophe!

Joan Ryan is the Chair of the Labour Friends of Israel, a group whose sole mission in life is to defend Israel right or wrong and which boasts of its relationship to the racist rednecks of the Israeli Labour Party.  Zionism she whined was a ‘Jewish national liberation movement’.  Quite who she thinks it was liberating Jews from is impossible to determine.  Possibly the laws of logic and rationality. 

To say that Zionism is a national liberation movement is like saying that Apartheid in South Africa was a liberating force or that Nazism was a German liberation movement (of course Hitler believed it was liberating the German people from a mixture of the Jews, Freemasons, Versailles etc.).  It is the rationale of the oppressor, who finds justification for their activities in some supposed oppression.  They come to believe that the people they are oppressing are in fact their oppressors.  It is a characteristic of all settler states that the settlers develop a siege mentality in which they are the subjugated.  Israeli Jews are the same in this respect as the Afrikaaners were. 
Ryan tweets her support for Owen Smith
Zionism however never liberated Jewish people from anything.  On the contrary they collaborated from the very start with the Jews' anti-Semitic oppressors.  Theodor Herzl, the founder of Political Zionism, declared in his Diaries that he saw in Zionism a 'divine will to the good'.  Anti-Semitism was seen as a useful force for 'educating' Jews into leaving their homes and colonising Palestine.  This attitude never changed and in the 1930's they adopted the same attitude to the Nazis, but this time with fatal results.

According to his official biographer, Shabtai Teveth, after Hitler came to power David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, declared that it was imperative to ‘turn a disaster… into a productive force’ and that ‘The harsher the affliction, the greater the strength of Zionism.’  [The Burning Ground, p. 850] 

Zionism was never a national liberation movement because it never liberated anyone from anything and because the Jews were and are not a nation.  It was a nationalist as opposed to a national movement in just the same way as the Nazis were a nationalist movement.
You see here how Labour Friends of Israel follows both the Likud agenda, in attacking a respectable NGO on the basis of allegations only by Israel.  Their Palestinian worker has been tortured into making a confession, held without a lawyer for 40 days - none of this bothers this LFI whose professions of 'peace' are worthy of Netanyahu
It is also no surprise that LFI join in the disgusting attack on Shami Chakrabarti, suggesting that her peerage was the price paid for a report that the Zionists initially welcomed

As I explain to Ryan in my letter, Zionists have only recently called themselves a national liberation movement.  Zionism likes to capture the zeitgeist of the moment.  Today colonialism is out of fashion.  Liberation movements have inspired people who have seen the people of the colonial countries rise up and replace their oppressors, even if in most cases they have replaced the faces of the colonial oppressor with one of their own nationality.  American and European domination has continued behind the fa├žade of self-rule.

When Zionism first began no one would have described it as a form of national liberation.  They openly called themselves colonists and appealed to the European imperial powers on that basis.  Next year we will ‘celebrate’ the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration when the anti-Semitic Arthur James Balfour promised the land of the Palestinians to the Zionist movement over the heads of the indigenous population and, incidentally, against the opposition of the only Jewish member of Lloyd George’s war cabinet, Sir Edwin Montagu.  It wasn’t the Jews who wanted Zionism it was anti-Semitic Evangelical Christians.  The Balfour Declaration was an agreement between British imperialism and Zionist settler-colonialism.  To describe such a movement is grotesque but then the LFI is indeed a grotesque and nasty little group.
During the original expenses scandal Joan Ryan was found with her paws in the kitty.  She was lucky not to be prosecuted as would a benefit claimant.   She is a fitting choice as Chair of LFI

Expenses Scandal
Joan Ryan herself is an unremarkable person.  She is not known as a parliamentarian or speaker.  She is of the far-Right Progress faction.  She was an MP until 2010 when she was defeated at the General Election.  Unfortunately she came back in 2015 Her entry in Wikipedia is extremely revealing.  According to the Evening Standard (26.10.07.) in 2005/6 she made the second highest expense claim of any MP.  In 2006/7 she did even better, achieving first place with a total of £173, 691.  It was no wonder that her electors rejected her in 2010.

In May 2009 Ryan claimed more than £4,500 under the Additional Costs Allowance for work on a house she had designated as her second home.[Telegraph 17.5.09.]   In February 2010 Ryan was asked to repay £5,121 mortgage interest which she had corruptly claimed.  [Evening Standard 4.2.10.]

Not surprisingly Ryan found her greed somewhat embarrassing and unhelpful when she was trying to get back into Parliament.  The Independent of 9th March 2012 reported that:

"[a]t least 10 attempts have been made from computers in Parliament to remove information about [Ryan's] expenses claims and a further 20 efforts to delete the information, some from her constituency of Enfield North, have also been recorded in Wikipedia's logs."

Ryan’s Wikipedia entry reports that to this present day ‘similar edits to hide Ryan's record continue to be made.' [Telegraph 26.5.15]   At least 10 attempts were made from computers inside the Houses of Parliament to remove information about Ryan’s expenses claims and a further 20 efforts to delete the information, some from her constituency of Enfield North, were also been recorded in Wikipedia’s logs. The efforts were successful and all mention of expenses claims were removed and instead replaced with a paragraph about edits to Wikipedia.

During the 2015 general electionThe Daily Telegraph returned to this issue. In Ryan's case, the entire expenses section was deleted, including information on repairs and decorations on her home paid for out of her MP's expenses; the edits were made while Ryan was not an MP, and according to the Telegraph she denied involvement, though it’s difficult to think who, apart from her Zionist friends, would be interested in cleaning up her record.

Below is the letter that I wrote to Ryan.

Joan Ryan MP - racist who was caught by the expenses scandal - claimed the highest of any MP in 2006/7

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Most Moral Occupation in History - They Were Only Doing Their Duty

VIDEO:  Israeli Soldiers Thrown Stun Grenade for 'Fun' at Palestinians 

You can't accuse Israeli soldiers of lacking a sense of humour.  There they were, four Palestinians relaxing on chairs taking in the sun.  Bound to be up to no good.  Certain to be plotting some anti-Semitic incident.  After all - they are Palestinians and probably Muslims too.
So up pulls an army jeep and out rolls a stun grenade.  You can imagine the fits of laughter as the Palestinians realise what is happening and run coughing and spluttering.  It's a wonder they didn't lose control of the jeep in the process.

Unfortunately some spoilsport happened to capture the fun on camera, which is rather awkward.  So the Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson informs us that a hunt is on for the culprits.  We can rest assured that when or if our jolly pranksters are caught, their punishment will be, at most, a slap on the wrist and told not to get caught again.

Of course if the roles had been reversed it would have been a different matter.  It would have been a 'terrorist' attack.  Netanyahu would have appeared on prime time TV to inform the nation of the latest Hamas terror attack.  The BBC would have solemnly reported it.  The culprits would have received 20 years in prison, as a stun grenade is more lethal than a stone.  When the time came for the release of the bandits no doubt they would have been transferred into administrative detention.   Sit back and watch the fun!

Sadiq Khan -- Consistent Only in his Lack of Consistency

Principled Only in his Lack of Principle

Sadiq Khan is one of those politicians who would sell their granny if the price were right.   He nominated Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the Labour Party because he thought it would help him gain Labour's nomination for Mayor.  Even Ken Livingstone was fooled into supporting him against Dianne Abbot.  As soon as he gained the nomination for Mayor of London he turned on Corbyn.

One might have expect that Sadiq, being a Muslim would understand that the Israeli state is the most anti-Islamic state in the world.  Islamic leaders in Israel like Raed Salah are locked up on the basis of the flimsiest evidence.  The Northern Islamic Movement has recently been declared illegal as a terrorist organisation even though the Israeli Police and Shin Bet (the equivalent of MI5) declare that there is no proof that it has ever engaged in violence or terrorism.  This while Jewish and Zionist organisations like Lehava, a fascist organisation which campaigns against miscegenation and any mixing of Jews and Arabs, are perfectly legal.  In Lehava's case, three young members were found guilty of arson and daubing racial insults on the walls of the Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem, one of only five mixed Arab-Jewish schools in Israel.  Its leader Benzi Gopstein has openly called for arson at mosques and churches. 

Israel wages an open war against Muslims and it attacks for example the right of the Mosques of the Golden Dome and al-Aqsa to run themselves without obstruction or hindrance, because it sees the 3rd most holy site in Islam as a symbol of Palestinian resistance.

Despite this Khan has been effusive in his support of Israel and Zionism, flattering Zionist leaders in London, unlike Ken Livingstone who gave unfaltering support to the Palestinian cause.  Khan has given his backing to a major London festival 'celebrating' the capital of ethnic cleansing, Tel Aviv.

Khan's decision to come out in support of Owen Smith should not therefore be a surprise to anyone.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Thousands to be expelled for anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism - a weapon of mass expulsion

My attention was drawn today to an article in The Telegraph, the Compliance Unit's newspaper of choice when leaking information. [Thousands of Labour supporters could be expelled from party over anti-Semitism and abuse allegations].  Would you believe it, not just a handful of people like me are incorrigible anti-Semites but 6,000 no less.

There are two explanations.  One is that no Jewish person can attend a Labour Party meeting anymore without taking their life in their hand.  At best they are taunted with racist and anti-Semitic abuse, at worst they are in danger of physical assault.  The other explanation is that Iain McNicol, the General Secretary of the Labour Party is increasingly desperate to exclude supporters of Jeremy Corbyn from voting in the Labour Party's leadership elections.  Anti-Semitism has become his weapon of mass expulsion.

Of course there is no evidence of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party.  Neither Shami Chakrabarti or even Lady Zionist Royall could find it.  They found certain Zionists were 'uncomfortable' with the 'culture' of the Labour Party because Jews who are Zionists will be uncomfortable with opposition to Israel's racism and bloody record.  A record which includes arming and training death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala, where the armed forces killed up to 200,000 Indians.

Anti-semitism doesn’t exist as a form of racism in mainstream society either.  In so far as anti-Semitism exists at all it is as a marginal form of prejudice, usually expressed as a misguided reaction to Israel's normal toll of murder, theft and abuse of human rights.

Anti-semitism exists as a reflective form of racism – Jewish organisations like the Board of Deputies claim that Israel’s atrocities are carried out on behalf of Britain's Jews and idiots like Chief Rabbi Mirvis write articles saying that that Zionism and being Jewish are as inseparable as Britain and the City of London.

Unfortunately some, very misguided people,  believe what the Zionists say and attack or criticise Jewish people on account of Israel's atrocities.  It used to be said that having a 'Jewish' state was a form of protection for Jews.  Today it is clear it endangers Jews.  Nonetheless anti-Semitism today in western society is confined to a few tiny fascist groups who are, in the main, the most ardent supporters of the Israeli state and Zionism. [BNP, EDL]. 

What the attempt to find thousands of Labour Party 'anti-Semites' is about is preventing people voting for Corbyn and smearing anyone who opposes the Israeli state or supports the Palestinians.  It is the naked and blatant misuse of anti-Semitism, which was responsible for the murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust for naked party political purposes.  It uses the memory of the 6 million murdered Jews in order to advance the petty and squalid cause of New Labour and its candidate in the Labour leadership elections, Owen Smith.
When people hear the word 'anti-Semitism' they think of Jews and the Holocaust. The real anti-Semites in the Labour Party are those like Iain McNicol, Owen Smith and Jeremy Newmark of the 'Jewish' Labour Movement who deliberately use the memory of the Holocaust in order to justify the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. These people are beyond contempt.  
The terrible suffering of Jews in the ghettos of Poland, the miseries of the transportation to Auschwitz and the other death camps, the tortures and the agonies of death, have been harnessed to supporting Israel's atrocious and entrenched racism, its imprisonment and torture of young children, its Apartheid, its hunger blockade of Gaza and the daily murder of Palestinians.  To use the Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies and the Disabled to support racism and back the sordid political campaign of Owen Smith and the Labour Right is beyond contempt.  This is the real anti-Semitism.  They are the vilest of racists.  
What is sadly ironic is that despite the propaganda use that the Zionist movement makes of the Holocaust, they have contempt for the survivors themselves.  When the survivors first came to Israel they were used as cannon fodder in Israel's war against the neighbouring states.  One-third of those who were killed had been in the Nazis concentration and labour camps.  They were known as 'sapon' (soap) after the myth that the fat of those exterminated was turned into soap. [see Tom Segev's The 7th Million
One of the crimes about which I was question was having said that Israel is waiting for the holocaust survivors to die so that it can save the money spent on meagre welfare benefits - my accusers didn't realise that an article in Israel's Ha'aretz paper carried the same 'anti-semitic' headline!
The holocaust survivors have been kept in abject poverty in Israel, despite the fact that Israel and the Zionist Jewish Claims Conference took billions of shekels in reparations from West Germany.  Norman Finkelstein documented  how the JCC defrauded the holocaust survivors out of millions of dollars in his acclaimed Holocaust Industry.  The Zionist movement took steps to establish a holocaust propaganda museum, Yad Vashem, even before those it was commemorating had died, yet at the same time it was denying there was a holocaust (Segev).  Repeatedly Israel itself and its banks have refused to pay the benefits that they received for the survivors.  Zionist propaganda projects took priority.

Smith has repeatedly used the slur of ‘anti-Semitism’ in his attacks on Corbyn.  In Cardiff he was roundly booed for suggesting that there was an ‘anti-Semitism’ problem in the Labour Party.  Everyone knows that the use of anti-Semitic epithets such as ‘kike’ 'Jew-boy' or ‘yid’ is non-existent.  That is why the term ‘Zio’ has been made a crime instead.  Many people, including Zionists, use it has a shorthand for ‘Zionist’ – Zionist is a political not an ethnic category.  Many if not most Zionists are non-Jewish.  In America there are millions of Zionists who are Christians.  Indeed Zionism is more popular amongst America’s 30 million strong Christian fundamentalists than among America Jews who are turning away from Zionism.  The group with the biggest growth in the Jewish community in the USA is Jewish Voices for Peace which is an anti-Zionist group that supports Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS).  To suggest that all Zionists are Jews or all Jews are Zionists is in itself anti-Semitic. 

There is, however, a certain irony in what is happening.  There were a few people, even in Brighton and Hove Momentum, who supported my suspension for 'anti-Semitism' – they believed that the Labour Party bureaucracy would play by the rules, that there's no smoke without fire.  One of the major complaints against me is that I abused two councillors, Emma Daniel and Caroline Penn,who joined the Jewish Labour Movement.  Neither is Jewish but both are supporters of Israel's many atrocities and racist crimes.  I sent both of them examples of Israel's atrocities and asked if they were happy being part of a group that existed to defend Israel's crimes.  Today we learn that she and Daniel are 2 of 9 Brighton & Hove Labour councillors who have come out in support of Owen Smith.    What a surprise.  The JLM itself voted by 92% to 4% to support Owen Smith.  My only amazement is that 8% of the JLM didn't support Smith and of those, 4% supported Jeremy Corbyn.  Clearly they have joined the wrong organisation!
The role of shame - Brighton Councillors who support New Labour candidate Smith
I described Councillor Caroline Penn, as a ‘new Labour racist idiot’.  She wrote back objecting to the description, so I asked which bit she objected to!  Caroline failed to answer.  She joined JLM, which makes her either a racist or an idiot or both.  She supports Owen which means she is New Labour, where is the abuse?!!  Still at least she had the good manners to thank me. 
Today we learn that there is going to be an attempt to widen the slur of ‘anti-Semitism’.  People should be under no illusions.  This is not and never has been about anti-Semitism.  Already the bulk of those suspended are Black people like Marlene Ellis, Secretary of Momentum Black ConneXions or Muslim councillors.  It is a racist witch hunt carried under the pretext of ‘anti-Semitism’.  One of the most disgusting aspects of this is that the Right, which has a long history of racism, especially Islamaphobia, is willing to trade on the memory of murdered Jews in order to try and rig the elections.  They also seem to determined to pit Black people and Muslims against Jews. 
It is also important that Jeremy Corbyn wise up.  It is not enough to say that you are not anti-Semitic or that Labour is dealing with anti-Semitism strictly.  You also have to make it clear that you deplore and deprecate those who use the allegation of ‘anti-Semitism’ or naked party political reasons or to undermine support for the Palestinians.  
When Corbyn is accused of tolerating anti-Semitism it is useless to say that you are hard on anti-Semitism.  The 'anti-Semitism' the Zionists are talking about is not Jew hatred but hatred of Zionism. There is no Palestine solidarity activist I know who hasn’t been accused of anti-Semitism.  In Israel is de rigeur to accuse your opponents of 'anti-Semitism' or being a Nazi.  The efigy of the former assassinated Israeli Premier, Yitzhak Rabin, so slouch when it came to killing Palestinians, was famously dressed in Nazi SS uniform when he signed the Oslo Accords. 
It is about time that Corbyn and Momentum including Jon Lansman, called the anti-Semitism witch hunt for what it is – a bogus attempt to use the memory of the holocaust dead in order to sanctify the Labour Right. 

Tony Greenstein

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Palestine Flag Flies Over Celtic Game Last Night

Racist UEFA Threaten  Punishment for Flying ‘illicit banner’


It was a wonderful display of solidarity by Celtic fans last night when hundreds of Palestinian flags were flown by fans in defiance of warnings by the Police and Club management.  They were displaying their anger that Celtic was playing the racist Hapoel Beer Sheva side from Israel.  Beer Sheva is in Israel’s Negev Desert where Bedouin villages are at this very moment being demolished to make way for Israeli towns.  Al Arakhib has been demolished over 100 times as it is an ‘unrecognised’ village.  Only Arab villages are ever unrecognised.

Support for the Palestinians by Zionists is seen as support for the Nazis - a classic form of self-projection - and then they tell us that it is 'anti-Semitic' to associate their crimes with the Nazis!
Celtic is a club where a large number of the followers are Irish Catholics and Republicans.  Just as the Loyalists in Northern Ireland identify with the Israelis, since Loyalism is based on Protestant Supremacy, so Republicans identify with the oppressed Palestinians.

The so-called Jewish Human Rights Watch (many Zionist groups use the term ‘watch’ i.e. SPY in their name), superimposed Swastikas on the photos and claimed that this is really what was intended for the ‘Jewish players; in the team and what they saw.  Of course JHRW has nothing to do with human rights, other than that they oppose them for anyone who isn’t Jewish.
This is the racist projection of Jewish neo-Nazis or, as the distinguished Israeli Jewish philosopher , chemist and religious scholar, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, called them Judeo-Nazis.  Just as Hitler demonised the Jews and consigned them to concentration camps, so the Jewish neo-Nazis of JHRW and similar groups wish to see the elimination of the Palestinians, physically and politically.  They thus characterise them as the equivalent of the  Nazis, thus providing a justification for whatever calamity befalls them.

Notice how the JHRW tweet states that ‘this is what you meant to say’ – which is aa form of self-projection.  Most Zionists see any form of Palestinian identity as a swastika.  Palestinians are not merely the reincarnation of the Nazis but they are seen by many Zionists, not least Prime Minister Netanyahu as the reincarnation of the Nazis.  [see Rewriting the Holocaust]
Note also how a protest against an Israeli team is portrayed as an attack on a Jewish team.  Israelis are assumed to be  Jewish  since Palestinian Israelis are confined to the margins of the self-declared Jewish State.  Israel’s football association tolerates a situation where clubs like Jerusalem’s Beitar have an explicit policy of not employing Arab Israeli players.  Again in another example of self-projection, racist Zionists have convinced themselves that everyone else divides the world up into races – them and us.
Enjoy the Zionists discomfiture at the expression of Palestinian identity – because one of the  key aspects of settler colonialism is the attempt to eradicate and destroy the identity of those they colonise.

Tony Greenstein

Friday, 19 August 2016

Sign the Petition to Reinstate Marlene Ellis & Ruth Cashman

Sack Crooked McNicol

Marlene Ellis - Secretary of Momentum Black ConneXions - suspended for supporting Ken Livingstone

Ruth Cashman - Secretary of Lambeth UNISON and anti-cuts activist in Lambeth suspended for opposing the slash and burn Progress Lambeth Labour Council
As people will know, I was one of the first people to be suspended from the Labour Party?  My offence?  Like all those who have been suspended I was not told the reasons for my suspension.  However the Compliance Unit headed which is overseen by Iain McNicol, Labour Party General Secretary, promptly leaked the information to The Telegraph and Times. 
It would appear that I was being suspended for ‘anti-Semitism’, despite being a long-standing Jewish anti-racist and anti-fascist.  My real crime was being a socialist and in particular for having consistently opposed the racist, apartheid State of Israel.  In other words, in the Alice in Wonderland world that crooked McNicol and the other Labour Party bureaucrats live, I was guilty of ‘anti-Semitism’ for opposing racism.   The attack on anti-Zionists and opponents of the Israeli Labour Party has been  carried out at the behest of the British wing of the ethnic cleansers of the Israeli Labour Party, the Jewish Labour Movement. [see It’s time for Iain McNicol, Labour’s Crooked General Secretary, to depart]
Crooked Iain McNicol  - sees his job as undermining Jeremy Corbyn and preventing as many Labour Party members voting as possible
I am not the only person to be suspended.  Large numbers of Muslim councillors, Black activists and assorted socialists have also been suspended.  Below is a petition in support of two such activists. 
Marlene Ellis is a dedicated Black anti-racist and Secretary of Momentum Black ConneXions.  She is a fine socialist.  Marlene was suspended for supporting Ken Livingstone.  Like many Black people she recognises that Ken's suspension was a travesty of justice.  No one has been more supportive of anti-racism in London than Ken Livingstone.  His suspension at the behest of the racist Zionists of the Jewish Labour Party and John Mann MP is a travesty of justice.  Marlene's suspension for supporting Ken is in itself an act of gross racism as well as an attack on the most basic rights to free speech.

Ruth Cashman is a committed campaigner against the savage cuts to services which have been carried out by Progress councillors in the London Borough of Lambeth.  That is why she has been suspended.
Please sign the petition and share it on social media.
Tony Greenstein
A number of Labour Party activists won’t be able to vote in the upcoming leadership election because they have been suspended or expelled. In most cases, the reasons given for suspension are insufficient or non-existent.
Marlene Ellis, of Streatham CLP, was suspended by the Labour Party after writing an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn to reinstate Ken Livingstone on the Momentum Black Connexions blog. She subsequently received an email telling her she was suspended, with no reasons given apart from a link to that blog post. Marlene said the following about her suspension: 
The fact that I have not heard from the Compliance Unit since my suspension on the 3rd June 2016, makes it very clear that they do not care about the apparently offensive blog-post and that it is only intended to deny me a right to play a full part in the Labour Party. In particular, removing my right to vote feels like I am unjustifiably and undemocratically silenced. The Chakrabarti Report makes it clear that the Compliance Unit desperately needs to be reformed.
Ruth Cashman, who has been in the Labour Party for a number of years, was suspended a month or so before the last leadership election in September 2015. She was reinstated after that election but then expelled earlier this summer. See Ruth tell her story here.
Neither of these suspended members seek to undermine the party nor do they promote or represent any party other than Labour.
We believe that these members should have been afforded due process and given sufficient reasons for their suspensions. Until this happens we demand that they are reinstated to the Labour Party immediately. It should be their right, as long-standing, active members, to vote in September’s leadership election, to unqualified participation in all Labour party activities, and to have a say in the future of their party.
Valerie Coultas (Streatham CLP)
Linda Heiden (Streatham CLP)
Alexander Morris (Dulwich and West Norwood CLP)
This petition will be delivered to the General secretary of the Labour Party, Iain McNicol 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Soldiers instructed by Defence Minister Lieberman not to play with refugee children

 Refugees Threaten Jewish Identity in the ‘Only Democracy in the Middle East’

African refugees hold up banner refuting  Miri Regev, Israel's 'Culture' Minister, who described them as equivalent to 'cancer'
Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman is, even by Israeli standards a fascist.  He has called for

the decapitation of Israeli Palestinians [Lieberman: Disloyal Israeli Arabs Should Be Beheaded] and has said that he would like to personally drown thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea.  [Lieberman Blasted for Suggesting Drowning Palestinian Prisoners]   

Lieberman has just instructed Israeli troops not to volunteer or have anything to do with the charity Elifelet, Citizens for Refugee Children who help refugee children.  His deputy, Rabbi Eli Dahan, from the Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) religious settlers' party demonstrates all the wisdom and humanity one has come to expect of an Orthodox Rabbi.   He has also been active in stopping any contact between volunteer soldiers and African refugees.  His purported reasons are that ‘charity starts at home’ i.e. refugees aren’t at home.  There are enough poor Israeli Jews.  In fact African refugees are the poorest of the poor.  They are no longer entitled even to basic medical care.

Israel protesters in support of the asylum seekers - a small minority - note the allusion to the holocaust and 'fascist scum' - both crimes in the Labour Party!
Dahan is an overt racist who is in charge of the ‘Civil Administration’ in the West Bank.  The Palestinians over whom he rules are ‘beasts’ ‘not human’. New deputy defense minister called Palestinians ‘animals’.  He is also reported as saying that ‘ Homosexual Jews have "higher souls" than gentiles, gay or straight’ [Maariv. Gay Jews Have 'Higher Souls' Than Gentiles, Says Deputy Minister  [see Even Jewish homosexuals have higher souls than non-Jews.].

In what civilised country would the children of refugees be classified as untouchables, criminals in their own right by virtue of being ‘illegal’, unkosher?  Where else would a government issue a decree that those whom it controls are to have nothing to do with asylum seekers and refugees?  Even Cameron and Blair didn’t go so far as to say that people should not have anything to do with refugees, yet in Israel it is quite normal for the Defence Minister and his Deputy to issue instructions that refugee children are literally beyond the pale.  Israel once again demonstrates that it is the most racist state in the world.  Europe’s treatment of refugees leaves a lot to be desired, but it shines in comparison to Israel’s attitude to refugees.

African refugees watch a Purim festival

Hostility and hatred of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel is qualitatively different to that in Europe.  In the latter it is a consequence of scapegoatism and pressure on social and welfare facilities.  Nonetheless Europe has accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees. 

Israel however is not Britain or any normal Western society, despite pretensions to the contrary.  Refugees and asylum seekers are literally hated by the majority of people.  Israel’s policy is not to accept any refugees.  It hasn’t accepted one single refugee from Syria, not a solitary one. 

Former Brigadier-General Miri Regev, Israel's 'Culture Minister'

Up to 60,000 African refugees, mainly from Eritrea entered Israel ‘illegally’ in the past decade across the Sinai desert.  Thousands of them are incarcerated in a detention camp, the largest such in the world, Holot, in the Negev Desert.  They are termed ‘infiltrators’, a term used for Palestinian refugees who tried to reenter Israel after 1948 after they had been expelled.  ‘Infiltrators’ were shot on sight and were the subject of demonisation.  It is instructive that that is how Zionists in Israel see today’s refugees.

Hostility to refugees relates to the Zionist nature of the Israeli state.  Quite simply, Israeli society is overwhelmingly hostile to refugees because they are not Jewish.  They dilute the Jewish gene pool and threaten the Jewish demographic majority.  As Prime Minister Netanyahu said, non-Jewish immigrants threaten the ‘Jewish identity’ of the Israeli state.  Israel PM: illegal African immigrants threaten identity of Jewish state

Right-wing Israelis shout racist slogans at African asylum seekers
As part of their outreach programmes, conscripts into the Israeli Defence Force work with charities and similar organisations.  Some members of the IDF decided to work with an Israeli charity called Elifelet, Citizens for Refugee Children.  If this were to happen in most civilised countries, regardless of the controversies over refugees and asylum seekers, it would be accepted as perfectly normal.  When I was a trustee for Brighton Unemployed Workers Centre I started a series of outings for refugee children each year and helped fundraise for them.  Not once did we receive any adverse comments.

Many refugees have settled in the south of Tel-Aviv where they have been subject to pogroms and violent demonstrations by racist Israelis.  This, you understand, in liberal, gay friendly, pink washing Tel-Aviv.  They are accused of having illegally entered Israel because it is illegal to claim asylum in Israel.  All refugees are, by definition, illegal.  Even worse though is the attitude towards them.  Culture Minister Miri Regev called them  a ‘cancer’ in Israeli society. [see 52% of Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’]  When criticised for this comment, she then apologised to cancer patients, for having compared them to asylum seekers.

anti-racist Israelis welcoming asylum seekers and telling racists to 'fuck off'

You might think that such a comment would result in Regev’s dismissal from the Israeli government.  However in Israel no Minister is ever dismissed for racism because racism is seen as entirely normal in Israeli society.  It is, after all, a Jewish supremacist state.

You might think that Israel, of all states, having taken in (and made a healthy profit from) thousands of Holocaust survivors, might have understood what being a refugee is.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that two-thirds of Germany’s half a million Jews were able to obtain refugee status before 1939, then another 300,000 Jews would have been murdered in Hitler’s gas chambers.  Refugees from Eritrea face torture, death and imprisonment if they are sent back.  Israel’s only lesson from the Holocaust is that Jews too are entitled to be racists.  The idea of offering shelter to a stranger or asylum to the persecuted is an alien one in Israel. 

Racist Israelis perpetuating the same slogans that used to be directed at Jews

Netanyahu recently visited Uganda with the express purpose of getting their dictator, Yoweri Museveni, to take in the African refugees that Israel wants to dispose of.  A similar agreement has been reached with Paul Kgame President of Rwanda.  Israel offers money to those who agree to voluntary deportation, the alternative can be indefinite detention.  Three of those who accepted, were murdered by ISIS when sent to Libya.

To the politicians and activists opposed to the refugees' presence, this was like giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Ravit Hecht Aug 11, 2016 10:11 PM

Children wake up from a nap at the Unitaf day-care center in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood, April 2, 2015. Ariel David
One can only hope that the IDF’s Chief Education Officer, Brig. Gen. Avner Paz-Tzuk, will be on guard and cleanse the army from the moral and educational filth that has stuck to it.

We should thank Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan for asking the chief of staff’s office to end this disgrace. We should praise the commander of Training Base 15, who has already ordered his soldiers to have nothing to do with this shameful pursuit.

This shameful pursuit is the soldiers’ occasional visits to the so-called “child warehouses” – unlicensed “babysitter” facilities for refugee children in south Tel Aviv. In the summer, 30 to 80 children up to age six inhabit each of these “warehouses,” crowded in cubbyholes of 50 to 60 square meters.

The soldiers play for two or three hours with a few dozen of the 3,000 children of asylum seekers living in the city. About 15 of these children have died in the last five years, and about half of them suffer some developmental disorder or disability due to the squalid conditions they are being raised in.

Undoubtedly, those children must be punished severely. They must be denied any assistance.

The story began some two months ago, with a parliamentary question submitted by MK Amir Ohana (Likud) in the Knesset. He asked, “Why is the IDF encouraging illegal infiltration into Israel?” following complaints by south Tel Aviv residents. At the same time the organization Students for South Tel Aviv gathered pictures of soldiers playing with children, posted them on Facebook and tagged a number of Knesset members, including Ohana.

Israeli Police harass refugees

About a month ago, Rabbi Yigal Levinstein, head of the pre-military academy in the West Bank settlement of Eli, raised a public furor with his appalling utterances about gay people, whom he called “perverts.” He denounced the initiative in which flight cadets volunteered to paint a gay community club in Tel Aviv. MK Ohana, a gay man and a father, apparently sees no connection between these matters.

The way Ohana, and apparently most of the public, sees it, the gays’ market value in the human stock exchange is higher than that of black children. Presumably the very comparison will sound offensive to him.

Ben Dahan answered the question for the cabinet, saying the soldiers’ visit to asylum-seekers’ child centers was an isolated, one-time initiative and in general the IDF was not involved in activity in south Tel Aviv.

But alas, last week more incriminating pictures surfaced, showing Intelligence Corps cadets playing in a park with black children. After this, said one of the asylum seekers’ leading opponents, Ben Dahan promised her that “these scenes will not be repeated.” He even went to the chief of staff’s office and was told the army would examine the list of organizations for which soldiers would be allowed do volunteer work.

The poor of your city come first,” the deputy minister said, explaining his objection to the soldiers’ activities with the refugee children.

But what he said wasn’t accurate. The children of south Tel Aviv, who are offhandedly called “infiltrators,” are the poorest of the town’s poor. As far as Ben Dahan, Ohana and many others are concerned, they’re probably not even included in the definition of “human beings,” because they’re not Jewish, and worse – they’re black.

Is anyone stopping IDF soldiers from volunteering for NGOs that look after the poor of Ben Dahan’s town, i.e. the Jews, his own people? Are the black children robbing so many resources during the two or three hours during which a few dozen soldiers play ball with them, or push them on a swing in a park?

Ben Dahan is part of the cabinet. The same cabinet that demonizes anyone who isn’t flesh of its flesh – that is, Jewish, rightist, chauvinist. Thus the “liberal” Ohana holds hands with the religious Ben Dahan and together with Yariv Levin, Miri Regev, Ayelet Shaked and others, they are taking steps to cast out anyone outside their immediate circle – including asylum seekers, people who try to help asylum seekers, opponents of the occupation and liberals in general.

This demonic tactic has now reached the point of absurdity: Even playing with three-year-olds is a crime, a shocking spectacle that won’t be seen again

President Reuven Rivlin weighs in, saying 'it's not a sin for soldiers to aid the children of desperate refugees.'

Gili Cohen Aug 12, 2016 2:33 AM

Foreign migrant workers children watch an acrobat perform during the Purim festival in Tel Aviv, March 22, 2016.AP

The Israel Defense Forces is to issue a list of approved organizations in which soldiers may volunteer, after a prominent right-wing activist from south Tel Aviv complained that troops were playing with the children of African asylum seekers in the area as part of the army’s educational activities.

Last week the commander of the training base of the Intelligence Corps suspended volunteer activities by his soldiers with the charity Elifelet: Citizens for Refugee Children. The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman termed the move a “local decision” by the base commander. Military correspondent Carmela Menashe first reported this story on Israel Radio.

 Army units regularly volunteer with the children of asylum seekers through Elifelet. On Monday, soldiers from the Intelligence Corps came to the south Tel Aviv Shapira neighborhood for games and other activities at a playground.

 Sheffi Paz, a prominent activist in efforts to remove asylum seekers from south Tel Aviv, documented the visit. She later wrote on her Facebook page that she had contacted Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan, saying that he had promised her that “those scenes will not be repeated.”

After Ben-Dahan turned to the army chief of staff, the IDF replied that the list of organizations where soldiers are permitted to volunteer would be reviewed. According to Ben-Dahan, “The famous Jewish rule, ‘the poor of your own city first’ applies here.” On Wednesday President Reuven Rivlin addressed the issue, saying: “It is no sin for IDF soldiers to extend help to children of desperate refugees.”

 In a statement, the IDF Spokesman’s Unit said the army is committed to volunteer service and incorporates such activities into its education programs. “In order to be more specific about protocol, the chief education officer will soon define a list of organizations approved for volunteering, in accordance with policy and orders.”

'Unfortunately, we have to tell our patients, some of whom have chronic illnesses or need vital operations, that to get treatment in Israel, they have to hope they get worse.'

 Tel Aviv faces racism accusations as migrants’ children sent to segregated preschools