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The White Gang that Raped and Abused Children & Babies

They 'Forgot' to Mention the Child Abuse & Rape Gang's Colour, Ethnicity or Racial Background

You could be forgiven for missing the story.  Unlike the Pakistani gang who committed similar outrages (though from memory not on babies) in Rochdale, there was no mention of their ethnic origins, colour or background.  They were of course White.  No one sought to suggest that there might be a link between their Whiteness and their vile behaviour because most people understand that people like this commit these atrocities for reasons that have nothing to do with their race, colour, ethnicity or whatever.

Denham and Stansfield were part of a child sex abuse ring that planned to abuse a baby that had not yet been born
But remember the Daily Mail, Express, Sun et al. pontificating about the politically correct brigade that wouldn’t allow people to connect the racial dots?  How this was all about free speech and the protection of children.  How strange it is that these same papers have forgotten to make such connections in this case.

It is, of course, difficult to understand what makes people such as this behave in this way.  How any human being can find any pleasure in raping and abusing a small child or even a baby.  Paedophillia is a taboo subject and people are afraid of even going there yet we should be doing so.  The Police estimate that over 50,000 people are downloading images of child pornography.  Only a small number of these will ever attempt to translate their fantasies into reality. 

What we don’t know is why this is the case.  Why is it that a small minority, but significant nonetheless, is sexually attracted to children.  Some claim that it is hardwired into them in much the same way as being straight or gay is something you are born with (by and large).  If this is so then of course there is little one can do except adopt preventative measures.  But having talked to one person who did undergo therapy, which is barely available in this country, I am of the view that paedophilia is socially constructed and therapy is possible as a cure.

What I am convinced of is that punitive measures alone will never prevent the behaviour of gangs such as this or indeed the actions of a certain peer of the realm.

Tony Greenstein

'Vile and depraved' UK gang raped and abused babies

Members of a paedophile network whose crimes were described as the most "vile and depraved" police had seen have been convicted of arranging abuse.

The UK-wide gang raped and abused babies and young children, streaming the attacks online to fellow members.

John Denham, 49, and Matthew Stansfield, 34, had denied plotting sex crimes against the victims.
They were found guilty after a trial at Bristol Crown Court. Five other members had earlier admitted various offences.

The group used the internet to plan and stream abuse and tried to groom pregnant women in order to find new victims, the trial heard.
This prosecution will take you into a world you wished did not exist
Robert Davies, Prosecutor
In one case, they groomed a mother and father before their child was born.

Officers from the National Crime Agency, which led the investigation, said the crimes were the most "vile and depraved" it had ever investigated.

Earlier, a jury convicted former actor Denham, 49, from Wiltshire - previously known as Benjamin Harrop - of conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13.

Stansfield, 34, from Hampshire, was found guilty of conspiracy to rape a child under 13. Denham was cleared of the same charge.

Five others pleaded guilty to offences including rape of a child and conspiracy to rape at an earlier hearing. They are:
  • Robin Hollyson, 30, from Bedfordshire
  • Christopher Knight, 35, from Manchester
  • David Harsley, 51, from Hull
  • Matthew Lisk, 32, from East Sussex
  • Adam Toms, 33, from Somerset
A date is yet to be set for their sentencing.

The investigation identified three victims - a baby, a toddler and a young child - who were raped and assaulted by the men who had gained the trust of unsuspecting parents.

They met online and were prepared to drive for hours to carry out abuse when an opportunity became available, police said.

The gang also discussed the drugging of children and used video conferencing websites to broadcast the abuse to fellow members.

Police believe there were other victims, and have put measures in place to protect another 21 children found to be at risk.

Despite the men's efforts to destroy evidence, police were able to retrieve webchats where the gang discussed their plans, with comments such as "I'm really in to v.v. young", and "sicker the better".

'Abhorrent fantasies'

Material which could lead to the arrest of other paedophiles has been sent on to police forces on five continents.

Prosecutor Robert Davies told the jury in the Denham and Stansfield trial: "This prosecution will take you into a world you wished did not exist.

"The evidence exposes the shocking interest a group of men had in sexually abusing babies, toddlers or pre-school children.
"A real baby was for certain abused and raped by some of those involved."

Earlier in the trial, Denham told the court he had become "desensitised" after watching a young teenage girl performing a sex act on a man, and the age range "dropped lower and lower".

He said he was "ashamed" of deriving sexual gratification from child pornography and now understood there were "real victims".

The NSPCC has described the case as "vile" and is running a helpline for anyone worried their child may have been a victim.

"These men shared their abhorrent fantasies and honed in on very young children for sickening abuse, on easily accessible sections of the internet," a spokesman said.

"They even callously targeted pregnant women.

"It shows that there is still a long way to go for technology companies and social media networks who work with police to identify and prevent these crimes."

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Israeli Police Protect Death to the Arabs March in Jerusalem

Imagine it if you can, the Metropolitan Police protecting a march by the BNP/Britain First through Golders Green, with the chant ‘Death to the Jews’ ringing out.  Before the march, the Met had distributed leaflets to the residents warning them not to leave their houses under threat of arrest (& a good beating up).

Israeli Police violently assault an anti-racist Israeli heckling the marchers about human rights

Or maybe imagine the EDL marching through the East End chanting ‘Death to Muslims’ – again protected by the Metropolitan Police who, likewise, have instructed Muslims (& anyone with a dark skin) to stay indoors on pain of being detained.

Death to Arabs Jerusalem Day Demonstration 2011

Now the British Police are racist, that is understood, but they at least take some steps to combat that racism, Stephen Lawrence notwithstanding.  Shouting ‘Death to…’ on a march would get you arrested and a march whose theme it is would not last that long.  But in Israel an Islamic preacher like Raed Sallah is fitted up for ‘anti-Semitism’ and jailed but never, not once, have racist rabbis like Dov Lior been arrested and imprisoned (he was briefly arrested once and there was one almighty uproar). 

Death to Arabs march that Police protected

You see in Israel racism is perfectly legal as long as it’s on religious grounds.  This was why the Jewish Nazi Rabbi Meir Kahane, when he was a member of the Knesset, voted FOR the anti-racism bill that was presented to the Knesset!

In Europe in the 1930’s the anti-Semites did indeed chant ‘death to the Jews’.  How strange it is that goes around comes around.

Tony Greenstein

Video: “Death to the Arabs” march forces its way through occupied Jerusalem

הםן קוראים לזה "סיבוב השערים" אבל אין זה אלא סיבוב של גזענות הסתה ושטנה

Ali Abunimah 04/22/2015

This disturbing video shows Israeli youths, escorted by police and occupation forces, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem chanting “mavet la’aravim” – “death to the Arabs” – and other cries of hate.
 Children are brought along to ensure that the young get the anti-Arab message
According to the racism-monitoring website Kifaya, the 19 April march was part of the monthly “Tour of the Gates” by Jewish extremists through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.
Israeli Police Assault Those Who Protest Against the Fascists & Racists
As part of the event, held at the beginning of every month according to the Jewish calendar, the one-kilometer-long route is blocked to Palestinians, and businesses and stores must close, Kifaya says.
Palestinians are forbidden from leaving their homes during the march.

“Some 1,500 Jews participated in the march,” Kifaya says, “and it was secured by hundreds of policemen and soldiers, who thronged the area.”

Organized hate

Magen David ambulance called the day after the Jerusalem march
In addition to “death to the Arabs,” the marchers’ repertoire of cries and songs included: “revenge,” “may your name be wiped out,” “may your village be burnt down,” and the anti-Muslim chant “Muhammad is dead” –- all heard by the police and occupation forces who secured the event, Kifaya says.

Some of the marchers even banged on the doors of homes and businesses and there were also some attempts to damage property.

Israel expert Dena Shunra told The Electronic Intifada that “may your name be wiped out” is a “very potent curse, generally used for enemies of the entire Jewish nation. Hitler is always mentioned with that curse.”

Shunra observes that the video reveals the highly organized nature of the march: the youths in the yellow vests in front have the word “ushers” on their backs.

At 0:24, a young man can be seen wearing a kippa – skull cap – with the word “Nachman” on it, indicating that he, at least, is affiliated with the Breslauer sect of Hasidic Jews.

At 0:54 some participants can be seen holding what look like papers with slogans printed on them.
It is striking, Shunra adds, “the way liturgical texts and songs are interspersed amongst the hate cries.”

Israelis regularly hold similar hate marches on “Jerusalem Day,” a government-decreed annual celebration of the city’s military occupation and annexation in violation of international law.

Incitement leads to murder

Last July, the Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu-Khudair was abducted from the streets of occupied Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood and then burned alive by his captors.

His alleged killers, Israeli Jews, had reportedly been steeped in the racist culture of the Beitar Jerusalem football team whose fans habitually rampage through the streets calling for the murder of Arabs.

They would also have been regularly exposed to the relentless anti-Arab bigotry and incitement from Israel’s leaders.

This week, Israel added Abu Khudair’s name to an official Israeli memorial of terrorism victims. This drew immediate criticism from Israeli groups who argued that the murdered boy didn’t merit being on the memorial.

But the move was also rejected by Muhammad’s father, Hussein Abu Khudair, who told Ma’an News Agency that the “occupation authorities are trying to improve their image in the world” and that putting his son’s name on the memorial “would not change the racist reality of the Israeli occupation.”

Nothing vindicates Hussein Abu Khudair more clearly than the sight of Israeli police and occupation forces providing an escort for a mob chanting the words “death to the Arabs” that very likely inspired his son’s murderers.

What is even more alarming is that many of the participants in this march appear to be children themselves.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Alison Saunders Protects Janner from Accusations of Child Abuse

Greville ‘Grovel’ Janner – Protected by his LFI, CST & Zionist Colleagues

Tony Greenstein
I have no way of knowing whether 'Grovel' Janner is guilty of the accusations of child abuse, including child rape.  What I do know is that these are extremely serious allegations and merit imprisonment for life if the person is found guilty.  
Accused of 22 offences against children - protected by DPP Alison Saunders & the Establishment

What I also know is that prominent members of the Establishment - such as Ed Balls MP and John Mann MP - chose to work with him in Labour Friends of Israel and the so-called Parliamentary Committee Against Anti-Semitism, despite knowing of the accusations and that Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, sought to change the laws on contempt so that 'honourable' rapists and child abusers could no longer be outed.
Janner was a right-wing Labour MP and kept the company of Tories
I also know that it is perfectly possible for someone accused of serious offences to be prosecuted.  Someone accused of unlawfully killing another person can be tried and found guilty but with a partial defence of diminished responsibility.  Of course, at the time Grovel was alleged to have perpetrated these offences there was no suggestion he was suffering from dementia.  But he now is and that is preventing his prosecution rather than being taken into account at the sentencing state (if found guilty).
Former Chief of Staff, Field Marshall Lord Bramall (left) is the only person to come out of this with credit.  He thwacked 'Grovel' round the head for his defence of Israel's invasion of Lebanon
Clearly with 22 alleged offences committed against 9 separate children there is a huge amount of evidence that Grovel committed the offences.  But that should be for a Judge and Jury to decide, not for Alison Saunders, the DPP, who should be dismissed for perpetuating the cover-up of Janner's alleged offences.

Greville Janner is known to readers of Private Eye as Grovel Janner, a suitable epithet for a man who I only encountered on two occasions.  Oily and slimy, he entirely merited comparison with Uriah Heep.
'Grovel' in more confident times
The Zionist institutions that Janner bestowed his favours on need to come clean and apologise to his victims.  I realise that they spend much of their time defending Israel right or wrong, including Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children (beatings, torture, rape, sexual abuse, shackling)
The hypocrite uses the Holocaust to hide behind
Janner was an office holder with a number of Zionist organisations.  Vice President of The Association for Jewish Youth and the The Jewish Leadership Council, which represents Zionist capitalists.  He was President of The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women.
'Grovel' Janner was ably supported by other MPs like Keith Vaz
He was also on the Advisory Board of the Zionist vigilante group and erstwhile ‘charity’ the Community Security Trust, which includes in its remit the protection of Jewish children from anti-Semitic attacks.  Perhaps the Community Security Trust will extend this to protecting children, including Jewish children, from sexual abusers and rapists?
Grovel's dementia didn't prevent him staying on at the Lords
Janner was also Vice President of The World Jewish Congress, another Zionist body, Chairman of The Holocaust Educational Trust and Director of The United Jewish Israel Appeal, which raises funds in order that the Israeli state can continue to abuse and murder Palestinians, including children.
Grovel as an MP delivering petition with child
The first occasion I met him was when giving evidence to the Parliamentary Committee on Employment of which he was Chairman from 1992-96.  I had been asked to give evidence as Secretary of  Brighton Unemployed Centre.  He told me, after having ascertained I held an MA in Imperial History. that I was the best qualified unemployed person he had met, which probably showed the limits of his engagement with the real world.  The other time we met was leafleting a Labour Party/Labour Friends of Israel meeting when he considered a minor offence of shoplifting of great import.  I guess that offences against property were considered more heinous to this son of the British establishment than offences against children. 

Apart from being Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (1978-84), a thoroughly pro-Zionist organisation which did its best to undermine the fight against fascism in the ‘30’s in the Jewish community.  It represents the Jewish petit-bourgeoisie and a section of the Jewish establishment.

Janner also founded the Holocaust Educational Trust.  The Holocaust is a good excuse to demonise the Palestinians whilst making yourself feel good.  A QC since 1971, he was a Labour MP from 1970 to 1997; since then he has been a member of the House of Lords.

Grovel was made a life peer as Baron Janner of Braunstone in 1997. He is President of John Mann MP and Dennis MacShane’s All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism, and chairs the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group.  It’s not surprising that these parliamentary cretins didn’t notice his dementia but then again, since  his diagnosis is rather convenient, perhaps that is understandable.

A man who worked in Janner’s office during 1991, soon after graduating from university, said: “It was a matter of office gossip that he liked boys, or young men in their mid-20s. He would have friendships with bright young men, and would go swimming with them in his club. He would go for a swim, then have breakfast, then work. Then after lunch he would lie out on the sofa in his constituency office.”

He was still an active peer for several years after his ‘Alzheimer’ was first diagnosed in 2009. He made his last speech – fittingly on Israel and Palestine – in February 2013. The register shows that he was a regular attender in the Lords until the end of December 2013.

Greville Janner: How MPs rallied to defence of Labour peer 'unfairly put through hell by a wicked slur' Independent 16.4.15. 

Labour Friends of Israel - like most pro-Israel groups - has often tried to discredit criticism of Israel by conflating it with 'anti-Semitism'. Janner, who was an LFI vice-chair, talked of the ‘viciously and often notoriously anti-Israel" left liberal media.’ Rabbi David Goldberg, “Let's have a sense of proportion”, The Guardian, 26.1. 02

Balls & Janner

The disgusting Ed Balls who consorted with Janner now seeks to distance the Labour Party from this creature – Balls is thoroughly pro-Zionist and has never spoken out against the abuse of Palestinian children by Israel

Clegg washing his hands of his Zionist colleague.  With the Lib Dems having to answer questions about Cyril Smith MP for whom they covered it must all be embarrassing

Rt Hon Anne McGuire MP, LFI chair
Michael Dugher MP
Louise Ellman MP
Michael McCann MP
Rachel Reeves MP
Jonathan Reynolds MP
Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale

Janner was the son of Sir Barnett Janner, former Chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain. Another pillar of the Jewish Establishment and Liberal MP for Leicester North West which he inherited.  He was a member of the notorious Blairite LFI, whose supporters include:

Ed Balls MP
Luciana Berger MP
Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP
Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP
Rosie Cooper MP
Jim Fitzpatrick MP
Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP
Barry Gardiner MP
Mary Glindon MP
Andrew Gwynne MP
Fabian Hamilton MP
Tom Harris MP
Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP
Sharon Hodgson MP
Ivan Lewis MP
Rt Hon Anne McGuire MP
Meg Munn MP
Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP
Rt Hon John Spellar MP
Chuka Umunna MP
Dave Watts MP
John Woodcock MP
Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP
Rt Hon Lord Anderson of Swansea
Lord Beecham DL
Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE
Rt Hon Lord Clinton-Davis
Lord Davies of Coity CBE
Rt Hon Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland
Rt Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock
Lord Harrison
Lord Haskel
Dr Baroness Hayter
Lord Janner of Braunstone QC

A veritable rogues gallery of the Parliamentary Labour Party.  Only Dennis MacShane, the former MP for Rotherham, has been removed.  No doubt on account his time spent as a guest of Her Majesty.

One of Grovel’s few subsequent forays into the public eye came in 2002, when Uri Geller, a friend, arranged for him to accompany Michael Jackson on a tour of Parliament. The trio dropped in on a party for Labour MP Paul Boateng, where Jackson agreed to sing happy birthday.  Boateng himself is rumoured to have been shunted off as High Commissioner to South Africa because of child abuse allegations.  See

In September, the Chief Constable of Derbyshire, Mick Creedon, was reported as saying his 1989 inquiries as a detective sergeant into ‘credible evidence’ of child abuse by Janner were blocked by superiors.  see  

Janner had been named in open court as an abuser during the 1991 trial of Leicester children’s home manager Frank Beck. MPs, including the current chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, Keith Vaz, rallied around Janner following trial reports. In December 1991 some called for a review of the law of contempt following what fellow Leicester MP Vaz called a ‘cowardly attack’ on Janner’s character. In 1991 Alex Carlisle QC, a Liberal-Democrat was one of the MPs supporting Greville Janner following the Beck trial. Hansard records him saying of Janner: ‘He is a man of determination and enthusiasm whose integrity and will power have crossed party lines.’  see and

Another defender of Janner was ex-left and New Labour Minister Chris Mullins.

Attorney General’s Office
Victoria Street

19 April, 2015

Dear Attorney General

Reference: CPS decision on Lord Janner of Blackstone

I write in my capacity as a potential Member of Parliament to challenge the decision of the DPP, Alison Saunders, not to prosecute Lord Janner for alleged crimes, namely 16 indecent assaults between 1969 and 1988, and 6 counts of buggery on under aged boys between 1972 and 1988.

I have read the CPS’ justification for their decision here

Please do not refer this letter downwards to the CPS, and please do not treat it as a complaint against the CPS. I have been in lengthy correspondence with the CPS and have used their complaint service already, and I have no confidence in their decisions and processes, for the reasons set out below. I wish to challenge the judgment of the DPP directly. This is now a matter for the Chief Law Officer.

Alison Saunders in her justification document accepts that the evidential basis for a criminal prosecution of Janner is sound. However, she argues that there is no public interest in prosecuting him because he is unfit to plead.

She bases this argument on the evidence of four medical experts who agree that he has dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, and that they have  “general agreement” as to the level of cognitive ability on a Mini  Mental State examination.

However, there is no reference to any brain scan having been carried our. If scans were performed but reports on the scans were left out of the CPS justification document, there has been a failure of due diligence in reporting, and Saunders should be rebuked.

If on the other hand brain scans on Janner were not performed, there has been serious negligence. In my extensive correspondence with the CPS on this case I explicitly requested several times that brain scans should be carried out, because they give objective evidence that goes far beyond medical history taking and examination. If they were not carried out Saunders should be invited to consider her position.

If we accept for the sake of argument that Janner is indeed suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, there are three precedents where paedophiles have been tried and convicted of sexual crimes against children. The names are David Massingham, John Hayford and Michael Collingwood. I can supply references if requested, but the CPS should be able to find them.

Either Alison Saunders knew of these cases and negligently failed to deal with them in her report, or she did not know of them, in which case there was a failure of due diligence as a lawyer.

There is no provision in the CPS Code of Practice to exempt people with dementia from facing trial. In the absence of such provision, but in the presence of sufficient evidential basis to proceed, Alison Saunders has used the public interest test.

Now clearly there is a major public interest in bringing to court people who are abused of serious sexual crimes against children, especially children who for one reason or another were in the care of public organisations.

First, sexual abuse has a devastating effect on the subsequent lives of survivors of abuse, and there is a need to demonstrate that society will not tolerate child abuse, even if carried out by VIPs.

Second, the Law itself comes into disrepute if there is a public perception that VIP status confers immunity against justice. You must be aware that already there exists a common perception that this is the case. This view is particularly prevalent in the community of survivors of sexual abuse. If Janner escapes trial, this perception will increase, both among survivors and among the general public. It is not in the public interest for there to be a perception that there is one law for the rich, another for the poor.

Against these two major public interest arguments, the CPS advances the minor public interest argument that money spent in bringing Janner to court could be wasted as he is likely to be judged unfit to plead. This argument is extremely weak. The expenditure would be trivial in comparison with other cases that have failed.

The precedents referred to above are worthy of being considered in court.

Most importantly, a major legal argument needs to be entertained, namely whether a person who passes the evidential test but who might not be fit to plead for reasons of dementia should be tried as if in absentia.
The defence could test the evidence given by Janner’s alleged victims. His accusers could be invited to ask if they can positively identify him, possibly by reference to body characteristics such as moles.
It should be noted also that in coming to her conclusion, Saunders rejected advice of one of UK’s principal authorities on sex offences. Eleanor Laws QC, leading counsel to Leicestershire police’s investigation into Janner, recommended that he be put on trial despite his age and dementia.

In the light of this, the DPP must have consulted with other people in coming to her decision. The names of these people, the advice they gave, and the degree of pressure that they put on the DPP should be made clear to the public.

In conclusion, let me summarise the questions I am raising:
1. The question of whether or not scans have been carried out must be settled.
2. The question of precedents must be considered.
3. The question of public interest, major and minor, needs to be reviewed.
4. Who gave advice to the DPP to persuade her to come to her conclusion?

I look forward to a timely response to all the points made in this letter.

Respectfully yours

Dr Richard Lawson
Parliamentary Candidate, Weston Constituency, Green Party


Perhaps the person who comes out best in all of this is one Field Marshal Lord Bramall.  After an argument over the Lebanon conflict, he thwacked his fellow peer, the 78-year-old Lord Janner!

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Apartheid as a Progressive Value

Israeli Democracy and Apartheid Video

A highly amusing video which sums up the hypocrisy of those who defend Israeli 'democracy' and turn a blind eye to Zionist Apartheid.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Saudi Arabia and the United States Bomb Yemen in Support of Democracy!!

Armed and equipped by the United States and supported by Israel, Saudi Arabia has launched a war against the Houthi rebels in the Yemen.  Contrary to mischievous reports it isn't a religious battle but a civil war.  The Houthis, who are not Shi'ites and who would face persecution as apostates in Iran, have ousted the previous imperialist imposed President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi Abedrabbo.  One beneficiary will be Al Quada in Yemen, who the United States has subject to a drone war, but the primary aim of the US-Saudi-Gulf Cooperation Council war is to prevent any popular administration coming to power and preserve the power of the region's autocracies.
Houthi militia at Sana International Airport
However as the article below explains, the Saudis are by no means in a strong position and the Houthis, if they wish to, could cut off the flow of oil and deal a crippling blow to the world's oil supplies.  The pretext for Saudi Arabia's aggression is Iran although there is no evidence that Iran has done anything other than offer verbal support to the Houthis.

Tony Greenstein

Saudis Face Defeat in Yemen and Instability at Home

By Mike Whitney

“The interventions of US imperialism, with the direct collaboration of the Saudi monarchy, have plunged the entire Middle East into chaos and bloodshed—from the destruction of Iraq, to the transformation of Libya into a militia-ravaged “failed state,” to the ongoing carnage inflicted upon Syria … This predatory imperialist offensive threatens to ignite a region-wide conflagration, even as Washington deliberately ratchets up military tensions with both Russia and China. The threat of these separate conflicts coalescing into a third world war grows by the day.”
Bill Van Auken, Obama’s criminal war against Yemen, World Socialist web Site
Angry crowds and militia point their weapons to the sky and in the direction of the Saudi bombers
“Will the reactionary rulers of Saudi Arabia manage to break the legitimate hopes and enthusiastic dreams burning in the hearts of thousands of young people of the Arabian Peninsula? Never!”
Gamal Abd al-Nasser, President of Egypt 1956 to 1970

April 14, 2015 "ICH" -  In its ongoing effort to prevent the rise of “any popularly supported government in the region”, the US has joined Saudi Arabia’s savage war of annihilation against Yemen’s northern tribal rebels, the Houthis. The Pentagon has expedited the delivery of bombs, ammunition and guidance systems to assist the Saudi-led campaign and is providing logistical support to maximize the impact of its bombing raids. The US has also set up a “joint fusion center”, provided “aerial re-fueling platforms” and “advanced US-made weaponry” with the explicit intention of suppressing a militant group that overthrew the US-backed puppet government in the capital of Sanaa in the fall of 2014. The level of coordination between the makeshift Arab coalition (The Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC) and the US suggests that Washington is not only fully aware that food depots, water facilities, refugee camps and critical civilian infrastructure are being deliberately targeted and destroyed, but that the White House has given the green light to actions that will inevitably lead to widespread famine and social collapse. Here’s a little background from an article in The National:
Saudi artillery firing at Houthi positions in Yemen
“Yemen Economic Corporation, one of Yemen’s largest food storage centres, was destroyed by three coalition missile strikes in Hodeidah last Tuesday, according to the Houthi-controlled defence ministry. The corporation had enough food for the entire country. The government’s military food storage centre in Hodeidah was also targeted and destroyed on Tuesday, according to the defence ministry.

Also in Hodeidah, country’s second largest dairy plant was hit by five Saudi missiles on Wednesday, killing at least 29 people, mostly employees, and injuring dozens of others.” (Yemeni civilians struggle to get by amid conflict, The National)
Houthi militiaman at Sana international airport
This is from Channel News Asia:
DUBAI: Warships from the Saudi-led coalition have blocked a vessel carrying more than 47,000 tonnes of wheat from entering a Yemeni port, demanding United Nations guarantees that the cargo would not go to military personnel, shipping sources said on Thursday.” (Saudi-led coalition bars wheat ship from entering Yemen port – sources, Channel News Asia)
People looking for survivors after Saudi bombing raid
This is from WSWS:
“Airstrikes as well as fighting on the ground has knocked out electrical infrastructure, cutting off power in many urban areas and stopping the operation of crucial pumps that supply Yemen’s cities with drinking water. “We’re worried that this system will break down shortly; Aden is a dry, hot place, and without water people will really suffer,” UNICEF representative Harneis told reporters…
The no-fly zone and blockade enforced by Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners has effectively blocked the delivery of medical aid and supplies for the last two weeks, exacerbating the developing crisis.” World Socialist Web Site

Live reports on the ground confirm that food depots have been bombed across the country; ” in Asr (west) hit as well as Urdhi complex (center) & Noqum (east).

This is how America fights its wars, by precipitating massive humanitarian crises that help it to achieve its political objectives. If that isn’t terrorism, then what is?

Here’s more from the Washington Post:
“As tons of desperately needed medical supplies await clearance to be flown into Yemen, aid workers warned Tuesday of an unfolding humanitarian crisis, saying at least 560 people, including dozens of children, have been killed, mostly in a Saudi-led air campaign and battles between Shiite rebels and forces loyal to the embattled president. More than 1,700 people have been wounded and another 100,000 have fled their homes as fighting intensified over the past three weeks, the World Health Organization said.” (560 dead amid fears of humanitarian collapse in Yemen, Washington Post)

The Saudis launched this latest aggression invoking the thinnest of pretexts, that it wanted to “restore the legitimate government” and protect the “Yemeni constitution and elections.” As CNN’s Ali Alahmed sardonically quipped:

“The need to protect constitutions and elections is a rather strange message from the representative of an absolute monarchy … The kingdom’s real motives seem clear if one looks at Saudi monarchy’s history of not allowing regional competition of any kind, while consistently combating efforts to build democratic governments that empower the people…

The Saudi goal is simple: Prevent the rise of any popularly supported government in the region that seeks self-determination. And the excuse of “resisting Iran’s influence,” meanwhile, appears to be nothing but sectarian bluster.” (What Saudi Arabia wants in Yemen, CNN)

While we agree with Alahmed’s basic thesis, we think the rule applies more to the United States than Saudi Arabia. After all, it’s the US that has gone from one country to the next, toppling governments, installing puppets, and spreading anarchy wherever it goes. Whatever role the Saudis might have played in Washington’s grand plan to redraw the map of the Middle East and project US tentacles into Eurasia, it is quite small by comparison. It’s the US that refuses to allow an independent government to emerge in a region that it’s committed to control. And it’s the US that is facilitating the attacks on innocent Yemenis by providing the bombs, weaponry and logistical support to the reactionary Saudi leadership. Check this out from Gregory Johnson at Buzzfeed:

“A consensus appears to be building in Riyadh, Cairo, and Islamabad toward inserting ground troops into the conflict in Yemen. One Egyptian military official told BuzzFeed News the decision had already been made. “Ground forces will enter the war,” the official said on condition of anonymity in order to discuss classified military operations.

The timing of such a move, which would be a significant escalation in the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, is still being discussed. But the Egyptian military source said it could happen as soon as “two or three days.” (Ground Forces Seen Joining Bloody War In Yemen, Buzzfeed)

So after two weeks of nonstop bombing, the coalition is now planning to intensify the conflict by putting boots on the ground. But that will only prolong the hostilities and plunge the country deeper into crisis. It will also increase the risk of Houthi retaliation, which appears to already be taking place. According to Al Arabiya English, fighting broke out in the Southern Saudi city of Narjan on April 11. (#BREAKING Asiri: Houthi militias are amassing close to the Saudi-Yemeni border…  #BREAKING: Asiri: clashes reported near the Saudi city of Najran)

While no one expects the Houthis to invade their northern neighbor, there are some analysts who think the monarchy has taken on more than it can chew and will eventually suffer blowback from its incursion. One such critic is Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of the Lebanese paramilitary organization Hezbollah. In a recent interview, Nasrallah suggested that the Houthis have the means to curtail vital energy supplies, strike a blow against Saudi Arabia, and send financial markets tumbling at the same time. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“There is now a demand on the Yemeni leaders… who have not taken the decision to close (the strategic Strait) of Bab al-Mandeb, which they could do at any time. (It is only 20 kilometres-large, they are quite capable of it.) And they could also hit targets inside Saudi Arabia with missiles, or even enter the interior of Saudi Arabia, although they have not yet made this decision, so far … There is currently a Yemeni popular demand: “Let us go to Saudi Arabia.” Leadership thus far has not taken such a decision. I wanted to indicate this.”…

Nasrallah again: “I am absolutely certain that Saudi Arabia will undergo a major defeat. And its defeat will impact its internal situation, the royal family … and the entire region.” (“Hassan Nasrallah: The war in Yemen announces the end of the House of Saud”, The Vineyard of the Saker)

So the Houthis could close the Bab Al Mandeb straits and prevent millions of barrels of oil from getting to market? That changes the calculus entirely. How would that effect Washington’s plan to crash Russia’s economy with plunging oil prices? How would it impact global stock markets which are already jittery over the Fed’s projected rate hikes? What effect would it have on al Nusra, ISIS and other Al Qaeda-linked groups that would then seek to launch similar attacks against critical energy infrastructure as the best way to achieve their aims?

There are things the Houthis can do to discourage Saudi aggression. They can take matters into their own hands and strike where it hurts most. Washington is so convinced of its own invincibility, that no one has even thought of this. Without the slightest hesitation, the Obama troupe has embroiled a key ally in bloody conflagration that could backfire and seriously undermine US interests in the region. Saudi Arabia is the cornerstone of US power in the Middle East, but it is also its Achilles heel. By supporting the attack on the Houthis instead of seeking a political solution, Washington has strengthened Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) which poses the greatest single threat to the monarchy. As Nasrallah notes: “they (the US and SA) protect Al Qaeda and Daesh in Yemen, and more, they drop them weapons by air. This is an achievement? This goes against the interests of Saudi Arabia.”

Indeed, it does. Al Qaeda has much greater ability to infiltrate Saudi Arabia and either launch terrorist attacks or foment popular revolution. The Houthis present no such security threat, they’re only interest is to maintain their own sovereignty, borders, and independent foreign policy. A 2003 article in the Atlantic by CIA Bureau Chief Robert Baer titled “The Fall of the House of Saud” provides a window into Riyadh’s vulnerabilities and draws the ominous conclusion that the kingdom’s days are numbered. Here’s a clip from the article:

“Saudi oil is controlled by an increasingly bankrupt, criminal, dysfunctional, and out-of-touch royal family that is hated by the people it rules and by the nations that surround its kingdom…
Signs of impending disaster are everywhere, but the House of Saud has chosen to pray that the moment of reckoning will not come soon—and the United States has chosen to look away. So nothing changes: the royal family continues to exhaust the Saudi treasury, buying more and more arms and funneling more and more “charity” money to the jihadists, all in a desperate and self-destructive effort to protect itself.

The most vulnerable point and the most spectacular target in the Saudi oil system is the Abqaiq complex—the world’s largest oil-processing facility, which sits about twenty-four miles inland from the northern end of the Gulf of Bahrain. All petroleum originating in the south is pumped to Abqaiq for processing. For the first two months after a moderate to severe attack on Abqaiq, production there would slow from an average of 6.8 million barrels a day to one million barrels, a loss equivalent to one third of America’s daily consumption of crude oil. For seven months following the attack, daily production would remain as much as four million barrels below normal—a reduction roughly equal to what all of the opec partners were able to effect during their 1973 embargo…

I served for twenty-one years with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations in the Middle East, and during all my years there I accepted on faith my government’s easy assumption that the money the House of Saud was dumping into weaponry and national security meant that the family’s armed forces and bodyguards could keep its members—and their oil—safe … I no longer believe this … sometime soon, one way or another, the House of Saud is coming down.” (The Fall of the House of Saud, Robert Baer, The Atlantic)

Neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia have any right to interfere in Yemen’s internal affairs or to install their own political puppets to head the government. That is the right of the Yemeni people. And while the current process of regime change might be messy and violent, the Houthi rebels better represent the interests of the indigenous population than anyone in Riyadh or Washington. The Saudi-US war is merely aimed at controlling the outcome so Yemen remains within the imperial grip. As Nasrallah says, “The real goal of the war is to retain control and domination of Yemen (but) the Yemeni people will not put up with this aggression and humiliation. They will fight to defend their dignity, their existence, their families, and their territory. And they will be victorious.”

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at